Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A blog worth visiting

Thinking About Art is a good friend of mine's blog.
This post of hers was the inspiration for Cosmic Onion.

She writes very thoughtful articles about art, it's construction,
history and it's practitioners. She is a concise writer and
researches her
subjects extensively. She is also a fabulous artist;
I have some
of her works which I greatly treasure. Lucky me!

Please visit: Thinking About Art

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  1. That's my blog (Thinking About Art). :-) L. Dahl, among other things, introduced me to A Confederacy of Dunces, and also to Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud, both wonderful books - Honest to goodness they are. She even got me to read Mark Twain's "Innocents Abroad," which I loved - We read it at the same time. I'm older than she is, as she's only 253 (it says in her bio!) and so she's like a little sister to me, though she is very wise (as well as intelligent and gifted) and I admire and learn from her and see things in new ways by looking at them through her eyes and mind. She says she has some of my drawings, and I have one of hers that she made especially for me of an elf cradling a giant stemmed cherry in his arms - This was after I told her about our tiny feeble cherry tree that only managed to produce two or three cherries a year and how I hoped to be able to make an itty bitty tart from them, if I could get to them before the birds did. Every single time I look at that picture, which is several times a day as it's in a frame in the bedroom, I think of her and how she drew that for me - It's more than a lovely picture ... it's a special heartfelt message to me. By the way, that is not the only drawing she's made especially for me. And besides pictures, she made for me, by hand, an exquisite tiny wooden chair and a tiny cat who likes to sit in it (he's still sitting there!), along with three pumpkins of appropriate size to put beside the chair (they're there, too!). Talk about treasures! - JV